CVR / Onion River Sports Race Series 2015

Sponsored by Onion River Sports & The Shoe Horn, Montpelier, Vermont

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What is it?
A 12 race series of some of your favorite CVR-hosted Central Vermont races, with two more Green Mountain Athletic Association run events, all sponsored by Onion River Sports. Onion River Sports supports this series by providing prizes for individual races.

Who is eligible?
All competitors are eligible for same-day race prizes. In addition, race series points are calculated for every competitor in each event. However, only CVR members will be recognized in the final series points standings and awards (membership has its privileges!)

The top five point totals from any of the 12 races will comprise the total points used to determine winners.

Any CVR member is eligible to participate for ranking and prizes in the Race Series 2015, subject to the following requirements:

1.) 2015 dues must be paid no later than July 1.
2.) The member volunteers (works) at least once at a CVR race. This includes any of the series races, or any CVR race or event not part of the series.

Which Races?
The following races comprise the CVR Race Series 2015:

Age Groups
Age groups for the CVR Onion River Sports Race Series will be Male and Female, 0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+. Age group will be determined by the person's age at his/her first running event in the series.

The winner of each age and gender category, at each event, receives 100 points. Every other runner in that category receives points based on what percentage slower their time was from the winner. (Example: if your time is 8% slower than the category winner, you receive 92 points for the event. 12 % slower = 88 points, etc.)

Often the fast folks do not end up winning the series. Sometimes it is the frequent competitor who carries the day!

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